Throughout my journey in the Philippines, the native people would ask to touch my hair, and then instantly ask me if I liked Bob Marley. Of course, I do.

A moment like this happened in Cebu City between me and a woman who worked at the resort that where we spent two nights.

She: You have dreadlocs, is Bob Marley your idol?

Me: Well, in a way, yes he is. Do you like Bob Marley?

She: Yess, he’s very popular in these islands. All of the people love him. When he died, the country was distraught.

Me: Did you cry?

She: Yes, I did. I got teary eyed.

Me: I wasn’t born yet, but I still cry about it too.

She then told me that everyone loves the song “Jammin”. I heard it, and thought of her 🙂


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