13 things you do when no one is around.

These are things I find myself doing in the abundance of alone time I have acquired, that I actually enjoy … in no specific order. Perhaps you’ll find solace in your solitude or some comfort in the fact that you do these things too.

(I say “you”, speaking for the both of us)

1. Thinking of something ridiculous you said or texted a person earlier during the day, contemplating it and then reassuring yourself out loud saying something like this, “No, because they were trippin and I’ve been wanting to say that for a while anyway.”

2. Laying in bed endlessly reading blogs, watching documentaries/movies/series, listening to music and consuming an insane amount of M&M’s or Chips. Crumbs everywhere, completely entertained.

3. Walking past the mirror and smiling before leaving the house, or the room with the mirror.

4. Walking around commando, free yo’self.

5. Getting out of the shower and just staring in the mirror for a few moments before grabbing the towel.

6. Harmonizing to the top of your lungs with your favorite artist, being surprised either by how good and bad you sound. If you sound bad, saying out loud, “Ohhh, that was a mess.”

7. Crying. For any good or shitty reason, cryingg.

8. Working out and when you’re tired, pushing yourself with ridiculous words of encouragement or making noises that are similar to some wild animal.

9. Having self-pity, “I just wanna be in loveeee” moments and then realizing that early 20-something, all your friends are cooped up, annoyed, over-thinking, obnoxiously sprung, contemplating futures and waiting by phones. Then you realize, you’re better off.

10. Taking walks and smiling at the trees, children, people and things of the universe without having to engage in any conversation. Just being.

11. Drinking wine, not having to split a bottle and pouring as heavily as you please.

12. Waking up and thanking God out loud.

13. Eating Spaghetti, leaving the sauce on the corner of your mouth until you feel good and damn ready to wipe it off.


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