just here.


I’m so happy by the water.
So happy by the trees.
Unbothered by the Chinese security guard who talked to me for 10 minutes in Chinese that I could barely understand. Wô bù míngbái.
Not concerned with the stares.
Just here, enjoying God.

The grandparents they raise the babies. They teach them what the birds do. How they sound. What the say. They show them patience, sitting patiently while the fish leap, “yü”, a baby not few months over two calls out to the water.
They show them the beauty in walking along the path at a slow pace, admiring all that is here, sharing this space.
So many sounds.
The woman clapping her hands to circulate her old blood, still so young and alive.
Lineage is so evident.
Groups of adults play hide and seek behind trees and bushels too small to conceal them. But they still hide anyway.
Because its good to capture moments. it’s good to be free. It’s so damn good to laugh.

One of the few times I’ve gotten to see peace and feel it inside of me, just like I do when I’m in the confines of my own walls.

The clouds darken. The trees stiffen. And we are existing with a moving spirit.