am i.

i am a writer.

i am a song.

i am a dreamer.

i am not always a believer.

i am peace.

i am a warrior.

i am an attempting lover.

i am honest.

i am a friend.

i am a sister.

i am a daughter.

i am an auntie.

i am chaos.

i am healing.

i am a haiku.

i am a nuturer.

i am growing.

i am trying.

i am struggling.

i am more than circumstance.

i am not a keeper of time.

i am bruised.

i am beautiful.


who are you?

sensitive soul.

So, everyone I know has asked me, “What have you learned so far in China?”.

I would always reply slightly predictable, but today I thought for a moment.

I have learned that I am a sensitive soul.

I have never strayed away from my compassion nor my emotional side, but I have never considered myself a “sensitive” person. When I was younger, my older brothers would constantly call me sensitive as a negative thing. But as I have grown, I have come to realize that sensitivity is a beautiful thing, especially when you yield yourself to it. In coming to a cautious stop when approaching your sensitiveness, you experience the boldness of things such as introspection, discovery, and love. Not romance, love.

Because I have sensitized myself to all that happens around me, smells, sounds, trying moments, times of loneliness, happiness and stillness,  my heart is refilling itself with love. For such a while, it was low on love. I tried numbing it with seeking freedom in oblivion, but in discovery, I have found myself, sensitive and secure.

We all have a delicacy that we must acknowledge. Do your heart the favor of nurturing its needs to let a little love in.